David Aguilar is a teenager from Andorra who was born with a deformed right arm. However, David didn’t let that get in the way of his passion for LEGO. As a child, David built vehicles and toys with the world famous interconnecting blocks. From there, David went on to create his own LEGO prosthetic limb, and he hasn’t stopped improving upon it.

As David himself explains, he first attempted to make a Lego prosthetic when he was only nine years old. Unfortunately, the bricks available at that time simply weren’t strong enough to withstand the rigors of David’s daily life. Several years later, David used a LEGO helicopter kit to make a brand new arm out of much stronger material. It was such a success that David upgraded his arm with another model kit earlier this year. This time, he used the parts from a jet plane.

David’s engineering ability goes far beyond the outer structure of these constructions. He also incorporated a battery to act as a bicep muscle and rigged a fishing line within the arm that allows him to manipulate the limb beyond his body’s capabilities. Outside of his passion for LEGOs, David is also an EDM musician who goes by the name “Hand Solo.”




Title: MR. HAND SOLO                

Director: Hector Romance

Cast: David Aguilar

Duration: 75'

Genre: Documentary                

DOP: Gemma Roges                          

Music: Miguel Espinosa, Carlos Lozano

Produced by: Imminent Produccions, Arlong Productions

Producers: Jose Pozo, David Ortiz

Associated Producers: Elisabet Terri, Ferran Aguilar





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