Zoe is driving nervously mid-morning. There is news on the radio about a serious altercation in the city centre, and a mugger has mortally wounded two policemen during their escape.  


Going up the trail she meets with the car that had frightened her a little earlier. Apparently he has a technical problem and has stopped by the side of the road. The driver is a young man named Maximus, who asks for help to reach any place from which to call for help. Zoe offers her mobile, but the young man declines the offer. Zoe knows not to take a stranger in the car, but there is no choice. But Max is not willing to return, and at gunpoint forces her to hide the car on a road. Once there, she is under the threat of death.

They will have to wait a while before meeting someone on the other side of the border with France, and deliver the backpack.



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Title: 73 MINUTES                       

Director: Jose Pozo

Cast: Alain Hernández, Elisabet Terri, Pep Munné, Valentina Castro.

Duration: 92'

Genre: Drama / Thriller                  

DOP: Andreu Rebés                           

Music: Oscar Araujo

Produced by: Máximo Producciones AIE, Miramar Media Entertainment, Imminent Produccions





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